Mission 10175 - Warwick to Archerfield


On Wednesday the 22nd of October 2014 I flew Mission 10175, making it my 194th Angel Flight.

The mission descriptions from Angel Flight was:


A four year old girl from Dalby has multiple system complex health issues is required to travel to Brisbane for specialist appointments at Mater Childens Hospital.

This mission involves one adult (45kgs), one child (15 kgs)+ stroller (105 x 40 x 21 cm) + car seat = total weight approx 90 kgs

Please note - this little girl has limited mobility (no left foot) so a high wing or club seat would be preferable

Archerfield to Warwick

It was a beautiful day at Archerfield as I took to the skies for the short 32 minute hop to Warwick.

Alas, halfway there I found myself over a broken layer of Cumulus Cloud. So I elected to do the GNSS approach to runway 27.

Another aircraft was arriving a few minutes before me, so, once visual, I followed him on a downwind leg to runway 09.

My passengers were a little non-plussed by the arrival of two aeroplanes at the same time, but seeing me taxi up to their position and the other fellow parking a little further away, they soon realised that they were doomed to fly with me.

Warwick to Archerfield

Little Jamie-Lea was full of bubbles and couldn't stop talking. That is until it came to climb into the aeroplane. With a little coaxing from Mum she clambered aboard and settled into her seat in the middle row.

We took off for Archerfield and soon found ourselves again above the clouds at 7,000'. Following a few gentle descends directed by flight services we were in visual conditions again and approached Archerfield via Goodna.

Earth Angel Alan Norman was already waiting for us so I quickly handed my charges over to him.


I was back on the ground in Archerfield after having